Last stop at the International Spy Museum

It is hard to believe the International Spy Museum was the last museum of our seminar. This was my second and most thorough visit to the museum. I find the topic of spies to be really interesting; however, I didn’t feel too invested in the actual museum visit. On the third floor I had a hard time deciphering what objects were real, from pop culture, or replicated. Unlike some others, I don’t have a lot of extra knowledge to bring to the experience, so I’m one of the visitors Anna described, a visitor that needs to be brought into the story through only the content provided. The more I think about it, the images (around the exhibits) used that were from films and other popular culture through me off a bit. In a way I couldn’t trust what I was seeing to be real, and that’s not good. I will say though that the Exquisitely Evil did a great job with the Globe Icon, which is meant to connect the movies to real events.

Anna and Jackie gave a great presentation. I appreciated the insight into what it means to move a museum, and sort of start new. I was surprised to hear how the museum uses trip advisor to collect data about the visitor experience, but it makes sense because the web is where people are going to voice their strongest (and often negative) opinions. I think the content changes to the museum will make the museum stronger and more relevant to our world today. I will certainly be checking the museum out when they re-open in 2018.


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